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Titan BCAA Burn is scientifically engineered to support fat burning, reduce cravings, boost metabolism, increase energy and focus while preserving lean muscle mass.

BCAA Burn will also increase your overall sense of physical and mental wllbeing.


  • Energy
  • Fat Burning
  • Positive Mood
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Appetite Supressant



As a dietary supplement mix 1 level scoop with 300ml water. For best results, take 1 scoop 30 minutes before meals with the first serving breakfast and the second serving before lunch. Once tolerance has been assessed n additional serving can be usesd 30 min prior workout.

Allergen Statement

This product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, nuts, wheat and egg.


Titan True Whey is a clinically proven protein formula that’s scientifically engineered to stimulate recuperation, recovery and muscle growth from your very first serving. Titan True Whey formula is built on a foundation of 100-percent whey protein – the most bio-available form of protein in the world. But it doesn’t stop there. Titan True Whey is much more than regular whey: it is a premium whey using the most advanced extraction process, ensuring unmatched fineness, solubility, digestibility and flavour. All other ingredients are of the best quality in the world, resulting in exceptional purity and taste.

Who should be using Titan True Whey ?

  • Persons wanting to get lean or stay lean while on a low calorie diet
  • Athletes wanting to add or maintain lean muscle without acquiring additional fat
  • Persons seeking a high protein, zero carb shake that is soy-free
  • Diabetics needing a high quality protein source that is free of sugars
  • Lactose intolerant individuals needing a high protein supplement
  • Athletes and active people wanting to increase dietary protein in a convenient and effective way
  • Health conscious people wanting a high-protein, low energy shake with added fibre


  • 100% Whey
  • Cold Fold Technology
  • Low Carbs
  • Low Fat
  • Frutafit
  • Sugar Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Contains no banned substances


Ultra-low temperature cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein concentrate  yielding the following whey protein sub-fractions: beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptides (GMP), immunoglobulin (IgG), bovine serum albumin (BSA) and lacroferrin (lf) inulin prebiotics, soduim cyclamate,sodium chloride, natural and nature-identical flavours,cocoa (Dutch alkali- process in milk chocolate) lecithin isoflavones,permitted colourant.




TITAN Native Whey protein is arguably the cleanest, least processed whey protein available, Native whey has unique functional and compositional properties compared to traditional cheese whey. Native whey contains an inherently high concentration of the branched chain amino acid, leucine, which is probably the most important amino acid to human physiology and performance. Leucine is the anabolic trigger that stimulates the body to release natural insulin, and promotes protein synthesis, which leads to increased muscle mass and body strength. Is is also higher in the amino acids: tryptophan and cysteine. Tryptophan increases serotonin, which helps support endurance during exercise. Cysteine is a pre-cursor to the most abundant and naturally occurring anti-oxidant in the body – glutathione.


TITAN Native Whey is produced with a unique pasteurization method that does not use high heat and utilizes a proprietary filtration and drying method. It involves the minimum amount of processing: single flash pasteurization for 15 seconds at 71 degrees celsius. The result is a microbial safe product that exceeds all standards. Titan Native whey protein is not a by-product of cheese manufacture. We do not use cross-flow filtration, hydrolyzation or ion exchange because these methods denature the original protein components. Our process involves microfiltration of skim or whole milk using polymetric, spiral type membranes.

Cold Fusion Technology




Introducing the unquestionably best meal replacement in the world.

At last an MRP that you can totally trust, is sensationally delicious, is incredibly good for you and is nutritionally better than the very best known MRPs to be found anywhere.

Combining Titan’s sensational True Whey, a class-leader in the world of micro-filtered whey protein, with an organic, non-GMO stone-milled oats – and nothing else. Sheer purity, sheer simplicity and sheer goodness.

Where else can you get 24 grams of protein of such dependable quality? Where else would you be able to get that sort of protein volume and quality together with all the benefits that 100% cold-climate organic oats can deliver for this sort of price? Never mind the convenience! It just hasn’t been possible till now.

With each 50g serving you can vitalize your body with nearly ten grams of BCAAs and glutamine combined, not to mention ample dietary fibre. It also contains no saturated fat or sugar of any sort, yet is a viable source of vital minerals, electrolytes and trace elements.

And did we mention taste? It’s Titan – and that means it tastes brilliant.

The ultimate meal replacement protein

Two of the highest performing and most dependable foods known to man come to you in Titan True Whey and Oats.  Built on a foundation of Titan’s famous True Whey and combined with natures super-carb, oats, you’re nutritionally on-track to greatness.

Organic non-gmo stoned milled oats

This is not just an ordinary oats.  It’s non-GMO, whole organic oats, stone-ground the traditional way.  This natural method maintains low nano-pass temperatures, without the thermo-gain impact of steel-roller milling and mechanical pulverising.  This means that the micro-nutrients and glycosides incipient in the oats remain unaltered through the process.  Substances such as avena sativa saponins are as active and bioavailable as nature intended, exerting their full healthful impact on you.

Oats is a natural coloid and well known to be heart healthy. It is also a source of the two oats saponins: evenacosides A and B which increase available testosterone by releasing bound testosterone from the bound state, increasing your levels of free testosterone, thus supporting muscle building and fat loss.

True Whey at the centre

As always, whey protein remains the fastest, most nutritionally bio-available complete protein known to man.  But the trick is that it should be genuine, pure, unadulterated and above all, micro-filtered.  That means True Whey.  And then, at the end of it all, it should be cold-folded so that all the benefits of being un-denatured, with un-skewed peptide fractions from the start are kept intact.

With all these benefits wrapped up in a single product, what could be a more convenient meal replacement protein than Titan True Whey and Oats? It is not only good for you, it is delicious too; a tempting reward for staying on track with a diet geared to wellness, fitness and a strong, long, energetic life.

Low lactose

True Whey protein is inherently low in lactose. For lactose intolerant individuals, this is important as incomplete digestion resulting from gastric intolerance causes discomfort and the protein never reaches the muscles.

Purity & Potency

Each serving of True Whey and Oats, mixed with 250ml of skimmed milk sends 20 grams of high quality (PDCAAS = 1.0) high speed (PER >3.9), high biological value protein (HBV 104) into your system, giving your body an unbeatable protein-rich climate for maximum muscle recuperation and growth. At the same time, an equal amount of natural high-fibre oats provides heart protective, digestion-supporting energy.

Amazing taste

Can something that tastes as good as this really be a perfect meal replacement? The extraordinary flavour and texture you experience is because Titan takes no shortcuts with ingredient quality. Nature-sourced flavours, expertly balanced blends of soluble prebiotics and non-soluble fibre, the purest separated wheys and traditional stone-milled oats, and above all, its proprietary Cold Fold Technology all give Titan True Whey and Oats its unique taste and consistency.


  • 100% Whey
  • Cold Fold Technology
  • Low Carbs
  • Low Fat
  • Organic sources
  • Frutafit
  • Sugar Free
  • High Fibre
  • Aspartame Free
  • Contains no banned substances


Ultra-low temperature cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein concentrate yielding the following whey protein sub-fractions: beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptides (GMP), immunoglobulin (IgG), bovine serum albumin (BSA) and lactoferrin (Lf), stone-ground oats (organic non-GMO), guar gum extract, xanthan gum, inulin prebiotics, sodium cyclamate, sodium chloride, natural and nature-identical flavours, permitted colourant (E102), lecithin isoflavones.




Comprised of powerful pharmaceutical grade ingredients that delivers a precise dose of energy, focus, endurance and power. SAVAGE is a no nonsense pre workout that will help you achieve your best workouts.
It is our goal at Titan to give you the absolute best products with ingredients truly backed by science.


  • Increased Strength
  • Maximum Power & Force
  • Improved Muscle Endurance


Mix 1 to 2 scoops SAVAGE with 200-250ml water 10-15 minutes prior to workout. Due to the extreme potency of Titan Savage Pre it would be advised to start with 1 scoop and work your way up to 2 full scoops.

Allergen Statement

This product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, nuts, wheat and egg.


SUPA MASS is a high calorie meal replacement designed to assist individuals with high metabolic function and calorie expenditure, who are unable to consume sufficient calories and nutrients needed to build muscle. Irrespective of how hard you train, if you are unable to feed your body with sufficient calories and nutrients to flourish and recover, you will simply not build more muscle.

The single most critical component of muscle mass gain is dietary reliant. Consuming the correct macro nutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats) to suit your objective you will derive up to 80% of your progress from diet. In order to attain the needed calorie dense regimen required to gain muscle mass, an individual must have a consistent supply of specific nutrients throughout the day. The high calorie requirement for hard gainers is often too difficult or time restrictive to get from solid food. SUPA MASS provides hard gainers with a simple, tasty solution to getting in the much needed calories with the correct blend of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

SUPA MASS delivers calories efficiently during times of the day when it is critical to replenish glycogen reserves and top up crucial muscle building amino peptides derived from quality proteins. This allows hard gainers to maintain a positive nitrogen anabolic environment.

SUPA MASS caters for individuals who often have such fast metabolisms that they battle to make any noticeable gains from a regular diet. The hard training will yield no noticeable result if the body is not able to satisfy its daily caloric needs and protein requirements. By using SUPA MASS together with an intense training programme and high protein daily diet plan, you will be satisfying your body’s need for nutrients in order to build muscle and function at its best.


  • Mix 6 level scoops into 600-800ml of water. 
  • First blend vigorously and then shake. 
  • Mix with milk for added Calories.



This product is not intended for persons below 18 years of age. Seek advice form a health care professional before use. Don’t use if you are pregnant or nursing. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. This product contains no restricted or banned substances and performance aids- Suitable for athletes subject to world anti-doping criteria.



THERMOTECH Introduces Powerful & Affordable Weight Loss Technology!

THERMOTECH Experience weight loss power and energy, experience the next step in the evolution of NUTRITECH® Thermogenic Technology. This is the evolution of the thermogenic fat burner. A combination of trialed and tested thermogenic ingredients, as used in previous NUTRITECH® thermogenic weight loss aids including NITROCUT NXT, were combined with the latest in thermogenic technology to bring you the two most advanced NUTRITECH® fat burners to date. THERMOTECH® products have been specifically engineered to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals.


POWERFUL WEIGHT LOSS – Feel the unique Thermogenic Blend designed specifically for the unique needs of women to deliver powerful weight loss results when combined with diet and regular training.

EXTREME ENERGY – Experience extreme energy from your first serving of THERMOTECH® FOR HER BURN, with 200mg of scientifically researched Caffeine Anhydrous, shown to deliver energy after a single dose.

KEY INGREDIENTS – Formulated with scientifically dosed key ingredients to assist women in achieving their weight loss goals, namely Coffea Arabica, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Green Tea Extract, L-Tyrosine, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Cayenne Pepper Extract and 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous.


NutriTech’s TESTOGROWTH has been specifically formulated to boost testosterone and build muscle. There is no other hormone in the body that stimulates muscle growth and sex drive like testosterone. Through the use of TESTOGROWTH your testosterone levels will be boosted to an all time high, for a safe and effective anabolic response. In trained athletes, TESTOGROWTH has been shown to significantly optimize anabolic activity, muscle hypertrophy, minimise water retention and build a solid foundation for quality mass building and cutting up.


Get the best with TESTOGROWTH:

• Promotes Improved Body Composition

• Heightens Sex Drive

• Accelerates Muscle Growth

• Promotes Healthy Hormone Function

• Supports Immune System

• Increases Lean Muscle & Strength

• Improves Libido

• Improves Erection Quality


MULTI – VITAMIN [60 Capsules]

Increase your vitamin intake in the best way possible!

NutriTech’s MULTI-VITAMIN has been specifically formulated to deliver a full, highly potent spectrum of essential nutrients for an active body. Crucial vitamins and minerals work together with a specially formulated botanical blend to target your body’s most critical systems. Ideally, you would be able to get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the foods you consume each day, but these days this is not the case. MULTI-VITAMIN is specially formulated to aid the active person in reaching peak levels and provides you with exactly what you need for your exercise program when compared to your typical over-the-counter multi-vitamin. This is the foundation of any serious workout regimen. Consume daily with MULTI-VITAMIN has, Omega 3-6-9 and CLA 1000 for a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Get the best with MULTI-VITAMIN:

• High Potency  

• High in Anti-Oxidants  

• Designed for Hard Training Athletes  

• Promoting Optimum Eye Sight 

• Optimises the Rate of Cell Division and Reproduction 

• Promotes Strong Bones and Teeth 

• Promotes Overall Health and Energy Levels 

• Enhances Focus and Concentration 

• Optimises Immune System Health  

• Promotes Healthy Complexion and Skin Tone 

• Promotes Healthy Skin and Muscle Tone



MULTI – MINERAL [90 Capsules]

Increase your energy levels the healthy way!

NutriTech’s MULTI-MINERAL has been specifically formulated to sustain you while you move towards your fitness goal. Crucial vitamins and minerals work together with a specially formulated botanical blend to target your body’s most critical systems. Ideally, you would be able to get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the foods you consume each day, but these days this is not the case. MULTI-MINERAL is a high-quality mineral support which helps to minimise nutrient deficiencies. Take MULTI-MINERAL daily to ensure balanced mineral levels. This is the foundation of any serious workout regimen. Consume daily with Nutritech’s Multi-Vitamin, Omega 3-6-9 and CLA 1000 for a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Get the best with MULTI-MINERAL:

• Strong Bones

• High Levels of Energy

• Maintains Electrolyte Levels

• Protects Against Free Radicals 

• Supports Proper Glucose Intake

• Encourages Metabolism to Burn More Fat

• Supports Efficient Muscle Growth