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THERMOTECH Introduces Powerful & Affordable Weight Loss Technology!

THERMOTECH Experience weight loss power and energy, experience the next step in the evolution of NUTRITECH® Thermogenic Technology. This is the evolution of the thermogenic fat burner. A combination of trialed and tested thermogenic ingredients, as used in previous NUTRITECH® thermogenic weight loss aids including NITROCUT NXT, were combined with the latest in thermogenic technology to bring you the two most advanced NUTRITECH® fat burners to date. THERMOTECH® products have been specifically engineered to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals.


POWERFUL WEIGHT LOSS – Feel the unique Thermogenic Blend designed specifically for the unique needs of women to deliver powerful weight loss results when combined with diet and regular training.

EXTREME ENERGY – Experience extreme energy from your first serving of THERMOTECH® FOR HER BURN, with 200mg of scientifically researched Caffeine Anhydrous, shown to deliver energy after a single dose.

KEY INGREDIENTS – Formulated with scientifically dosed key ingredients to assist women in achieving their weight loss goals, namely Coffea Arabica, L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Green Tea Extract, L-Tyrosine, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Cayenne Pepper Extract and 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous.


NutriTech’s TESTOGROWTH has been specifically formulated to boost testosterone and build muscle. There is no other hormone in the body that stimulates muscle growth and sex drive like testosterone. Through the use of TESTOGROWTH your testosterone levels will be boosted to an all time high, for a safe and effective anabolic response. In trained athletes, TESTOGROWTH has been shown to significantly optimize anabolic activity, muscle hypertrophy, minimise water retention and build a solid foundation for quality mass building and cutting up.


Get the best with TESTOGROWTH:

• Promotes Improved Body Composition

• Heightens Sex Drive

• Accelerates Muscle Growth

• Promotes Healthy Hormone Function

• Supports Immune System

• Increases Lean Muscle & Strength

• Improves Libido

• Improves Erection Quality


MULTI – VITAMIN [60 Capsules]

Increase your vitamin intake in the best way possible!

NutriTech’s MULTI-VITAMIN has been specifically formulated to deliver a full, highly potent spectrum of essential nutrients for an active body. Crucial vitamins and minerals work together with a specially formulated botanical blend to target your body’s most critical systems. Ideally, you would be able to get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the foods you consume each day, but these days this is not the case. MULTI-VITAMIN is specially formulated to aid the active person in reaching peak levels and provides you with exactly what you need for your exercise program when compared to your typical over-the-counter multi-vitamin. This is the foundation of any serious workout regimen. Consume daily with MULTI-VITAMIN has, Omega 3-6-9 and CLA 1000 for a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Get the best with MULTI-VITAMIN:

• High Potency  

• High in Anti-Oxidants  

• Designed for Hard Training Athletes  

• Promoting Optimum Eye Sight 

• Optimises the Rate of Cell Division and Reproduction 

• Promotes Strong Bones and Teeth 

• Promotes Overall Health and Energy Levels 

• Enhances Focus and Concentration 

• Optimises Immune System Health  

• Promotes Healthy Complexion and Skin Tone 

• Promotes Healthy Skin and Muscle Tone



MULTI – MINERAL [90 Capsules]

Increase your energy levels the healthy way!

NutriTech’s MULTI-MINERAL has been specifically formulated to sustain you while you move towards your fitness goal. Crucial vitamins and minerals work together with a specially formulated botanical blend to target your body’s most critical systems. Ideally, you would be able to get all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the foods you consume each day, but these days this is not the case. MULTI-MINERAL is a high-quality mineral support which helps to minimise nutrient deficiencies. Take MULTI-MINERAL daily to ensure balanced mineral levels. This is the foundation of any serious workout regimen. Consume daily with Nutritech’s Multi-Vitamin, Omega 3-6-9 and CLA 1000 for a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Get the best with MULTI-MINERAL:

• Strong Bones

• High Levels of Energy

• Maintains Electrolyte Levels

• Protects Against Free Radicals 

• Supports Proper Glucose Intake

• Encourages Metabolism to Burn More Fat

• Supports Efficient Muscle Growth


NUTRITECH JOINT SUPPORT has been formulated with a precise blend of 1000 mg of OptiMSM® (the only MSM to be manufactured in the USA) and 600 mg of cissus quadrangularis.

An exceptional choice for the athlete who participates in intense, regular physical activity, and those looking to assist joint and tendon related injury repair.

OptiMSM® is a trademark of Bergstrom Nutrition.

Cissus quadrangularis stimulates myoblast and osteoblast which, in turn, stimulate collagen II synthesis. Collagen II assists in rebuilding new connective tissue fibres and heals structural damage within tissue.


Get lean and well toned!

NutriTech’s LIPOCUT has been specifically formulated to boost your body’s ability to utilise and eliminate fat, helping you reach you goal of getting lean and ripped. LIPOCUT  contains Lipotropics which are used by your body to facilitate fat transportation into the mitochondria of the cell. Here the fat is used as your body’s primary source of energy, helping to promote stable blood sugar and energy levels and preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue. Extensive testing and research shows that four capsules each day provides your body with the nutritional catalyst it needs to effectively burn stored fat for energy and prevent the fat in your diet from being stored up in your body.


Get the best with LIPOCUT :

• Inhibits Fat Storage

• Absorbs and Eliminates Fats

• Maximizes Fat Burning

• Minimizes Muscle Loss

• Breaks Down and Utilizes the Fats You Eat

• Includes Powerful Lipotropics


NUTRITECH CREATECH LOADED is a complete anabolic pre and/or post-workout muscle recovery and transportation agent. The advanced CREATECH LOADED formula is engineered with a 45gram fast multi-stage release 4-source carbohydrate blend, including patented Cluster Dextrin, to spike insulin levels, maximise creatine transport, absorption and reload glycogen stores. Designed to promote rapid increases in size, strength, power and when taken as directed, the CREATECH LOADED formula delivers a dual creatine support, with 5grams of Creatine HCL and Monohydrate on a 1:1 ratio, 5 g of BCAAs on a 3:1:1 ratio and 3 g of L-Glutamine.


CREATINE gives you the edge in getting the best out of each rep, set or step you take. With the CREATECH® LOADED formula you receive a 1:1 dose of lighting fast absorbent Creatine HCL and perhaps the most researched strength and endurance sports performance supplement, Creatine Monohydrate. CREATECH® LOADED provides adequate ATP levels at the time most critical when training, enabling you to increase your muscle energy for strength and power to build the muscle you crave.

CLUSTER DEXTRIN® is the highly specialized carbohydrate compound CREATECH® LOADED relies on to pump up the sarcoplasm levels in your muscles to deliver the Creatine payload. Cluster Dextrin® is highly soluble in water, moving quickly from your NUTRITECH® shaker cup, through your stomach, to your gut where it is absorbed, transported and pumped into your muscles along with the 1:1 Creatine payload to assist with strength, endurance and recovery times.

BCAAs on a 3:1:1 ratio of L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine, translating into you receiving the correct dose of each to assist with protein synthesis and muscle mass increase over time. Simply put, a hard-gainer cannot go without BCAAs and require every nutrient to keep your system anabolic.

20 VITAMINS & MINERALS replenish your system and are essential especially if you want to keep your immune system up to standard when training hard.


Maintain a healthy lifestyle with CLA 1000!

NutriTech’s CLA 1000 has been specifically formulated to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass, resulting in improved body shape. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid which is found in your diet and cannot be produced by your body. CLA inhibits Lipoprotein Lipase, an enzyme that breaks the fat from your diet down so that it can be absorbed and stored in your body. Once digested, CLA is absorbed and metabolised by your body. When combined with a professionally designed low calorie diet and workout program CLA 1000 helps to reduce the amount of fat deposited and stored in your body by suppressing Lipoprotein Lipase. Consume daily with Nutritech Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineraland Omega 3-6-9 for a healthy and fit lifestyle.


Get the best with CLA 1000:

• Potent Antioxidant

• Supports Healthy Lipid Profile

• Enhances Health

• Decreases Abdominal Fat

• Reduces Fat and Preserves Muscle Tissue


NUTRITECH DYNAMITE has been specifically formulated to be one of the purest and most potent pre-workout supplements for those who demand more than the maximum out of their workouts. NUTRITECH DYNAMITE has been developed to deliver an extremely potent workout performance, helping you achieve a training level beyond your own limits. More energy, more repetitions, more lean muscle!








Build lean muscle or tone and maintain a healthy body!

NutriTech’s DIET MEAL has been specifically formulated for women of all ages whose goal is to burn unwanted fat, tone lean muscle and reduce inches from their hips, thighs and buttocks. This product has added digestive enzymes which ease digestion and help to avoid bloating. We use premium quality concentrated undenatured whey protein in this product for its digestive properties and superior nutrient utilization. Through extensive research and testing it has been found that the high levels of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) found in NutriTech Diet Meal, when combined with a professionally designed low calorie diet and workout program, increase fitness levels and accelerate muscle development and fat loss. DIET MEAL is a unique meal replacement which has been designed specifically around a woman’s nutritional needs and should be taken twice daily, between meals.

Get the best with DIET MEAL:

• Added Digestive Enzymes to Help Prevent Bloating and Fatigue

• Only 1g of Fat per Serving

• Added Vitamins and Minerals to Boost Immune System

• Added Green Tea Extract to Help Burn Fat

• Only 170 Calories per Serving

• 30g Pure Whey Protein per Serving

• Added Amino Acids 


Next Generation Thermogenic!

NUTRITECH NITROCUT NXT has been designed as a Next Generation Thermogenic Weight Management Aid. Formulated with a unique blend of Garcina Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Extract and Green Tea Extract. NITROCUT NXT combines the benefits of these key ingredients with 300mg of Caffeine to positively influence your weight management programme, which includes regular exercise and an energy-restricted diet. NITROCUT NXT is DMAA and banned substance free, and is suitable for Athlete consumption.


– CAFFEINE may be useful for weight loss, particularly when combined with other agents, such as green tea.

– GARCINIA CAMBOGIA hydroxycitric acid, the active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia, has shown to cause a detectable increase in fat metabolism and positively influence weight loss.

– GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT evidence suggests that Green Coffee Extract may improve weight loss in obese people.

– GREEN TEA EXTRACT studies show that there is decrease in weight when caffeine was included with green tea.

– RASPBERRY KETONE research suggests that raspberry ketone may promote weight loss and treat obesity.